Saturday, June 5, 2010

Washer Necklaces

So, after throwing away my bubbled botched attempt, I decided to try again.  I was having numerous problems getting the Paper glaze to not have bubbles.  I was squeezing it directly onto the washer, and someone suggested I use a paintbrush.  Well.....that was no good for me either.  I ended up wiping it off because it had evenmore bubbles than just sqeezing it did.

Well, I realized I hadn't cut the tip of the paper glaze enough, so trying to apply it through such a small hole was making teeny tiny air bubbles that I couldn't get rid of.  Solution?  CUT THE TIP!

Now, it seems to be working much better, but I am still annoyed at how long it takes to set.  I got my sample in the mail of Diamond Glaze, and that stuff set in about 1/4 of the time as the paper glaze....super speedy.  If only someplace in Tucson sold it!

My mother in laws birthday is today, and I decided to give THIS a try for her present.  Remember the pretty drapery material I got for 88 cents?  Well, I used that to make:

I had a small scrap from trimming around the pot, and thought....."Hmmm...could I make a washer necklace with fabric too?"  So I gave it a shot.  This is what it looks like (without the cord):
And here are the other washers I made that didn't have the bubble blasphemy!

Look at how happy they are to be bubble free??? :)


  1. These are super cute, and I just bought some washers. You won the pattern giveaway. Send me and email and let me know which pattern you want!!

  2. That's way cute, I haven't tried washer necklaces yet...I like yours though!