Thursday, June 3, 2010

Blanket woes!!!!

The nemesis has beat me!  I reached a moment the other day when I wanted to breakdown and cry.....or vomit!

This blanket is a favor to a friend of a friend, who's mom passed away before finishing it.  It means a lot to her to have it completed, but she doesn't crochet.  She even said she will pay me $100 when it is completed.  I thought if I worked really hard, I could finish it before going on my trip to PA for my grandma's memorial service (she passed away last month).  Well, I haven't laid it out flat since I started working on it.  I do it mostly folded over on my lap as I go row by row.

Each row takes about 1/2 hr to do, since it is back loop single crochet, and it takes a while given the size.  I had just about doubled the blanket, because there wasn't really much done on it when I got it (it was about 1/4 complete).  I laid it out to see if the random pattern was random enough and what do I see?????


~*~pausing for sobbing~*~

I am wondering if the only solution is to frog it and start over.  For size reference, my bed is a king, and it goes from edge to edge!!  When it was given to me, it was in the middle of the gray row towards the middle of  it.

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