Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Flirty owls

So, I was playing around with scraps I had.  Not really enough to do much with, but I did have enough to make some small I did! LOL

I decided to give them some eyelashes.....just to see how it looked.  I think it is cute, but I am not happy with the purple ones wings.....too stubby and boxy!

and a little green one....I think I like the smaller eyelashes on her

I am in the process of messing around with the shapes to see what I like best, but in the meantime I am using up scraps to make some cuties!

Oh....and I have a better picture of the present for my Mother in law.  I think it turned out cute, and am in the process of making something for my best friend for the premier of Eclipse using the washer necklace idea as well......I'll post it after it is done :)

MIL present:

and a better picture of the washer necklaces complete with their cords/beads:


  1. I love these!!!I want one, the only pillow I've EVER made had a little owl on it, but these are just too cute!

  2. Your owls are too cute! I do like the eyelashes.

  3. Oh this is really nice! Simple but cute! If you like you can add a link to your blog and a picture of something you've made yourself on my blog. Just check my latest blog post, it's really simple. Hope to see you there!