Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Craft craziness???

Am I the only one out there who dreams of crafting, or crafting boo boos, of crafting ideas???

So....I spent my entire morning cleaning my disgustingly dirty carpet (I blame my 3 kids and 2 dogs LOL).  I started at 8am, and it took me until noon to finish.  I vacuumed first, and had to empty the canister 5 times (ICK....no more eating in the living room!!)  Then I had to go over the carpet with the cleaner 3 times before the water looked somewhat clean.

After all that, I felt disgusting and had to hop in the shower.  Well....I think I may have a crafting problem, cause as I am lathering my hair, I had an "ahh ha" moment on a better way to make my owls.  I better be careful or my husband may have me committed! 

Anyway....off to try this new fangeled way and see if it works!  Happy crafting! ;)

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