Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hoo Are You Tuesday....


Playing again from Night Owl Crafting.  Here are this weeks questions!

1. Do you sing in the shower or car when no one else is listening?
Mostly the car, and will sing full blast if its just me and the kids.  I try to spare my hubby a wee bit and don't sing as loud....but still sing along with everything! LOL
2.  Do you have a nickname you go by now or growing up?
My brother used to call me braticus......now he just calls me brat.  Other than that, people just call me awesome! (I wish! LOL)
3. Do you speak another language?
I speak a little of this and a little of that, but master none of them.....I understand Zachanese, which no one else does.....since my son Zach speaks his own language!   Does that count?
4. Where is you favorite vacation spot? 
Vacation?  What's that?   
5. What do you cook the most for dinner?
Probably pasta or anything grilled.....keeps the heat out of my AZ kitchen!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Getting to know you Sunday

Getting to 
know YOU
1. Thong or Granny Panties?
I have actually been really into the boy shorts lately.  They cover the entire tush so you can't see them in pants but my husband actually likes them better than thongs.....yippee for me! LOL
2. If you see a guy with his fly down, do you tell him?
if I know them, yes....otherwise I'd probably be too shy to say anything...I mean, WHY was I looking inthe first place? LOL
3. Spanx or no Spanx?
well, since my mirror laughs at me when it sees my hiney.....I would say YES, but I don't have any yet
4. Do you sleep in your sheets?
yes, with one leg out at all times.....I'm a weird sleeper
5. What is your favorite Disney character?
I have to pick just one????  Oh boy.....Sebastian from the Little Mermaid I guess!
6. Dream vacation spot?
I would LOVE to travel to Italy and Ireland.
7. What is your dream job?
If I could find a job doing social work that paid decent....I would love to have a job where I make a difference
8. Who is your hero and why?
 I just lost one of mine.  My Grandma just passed away earlier this year.  She was 102, and lived through so many things.  She lived through the great depression, she lived through losing her husband, she lived through pain and osteoporosis on a daily basis and she did it all with courage and grace.  She never complained about what life handed her, she just kept living with love and laughter.  Everyone who knew her loved her,and if I could be half the person she was I will be blessed!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Silly Saturday

So, I have 3 kids.  An 8 yr old girl, a 6 yr old boy and a 4yr old boy.  They were discussing what they wanted to be when they grow up.

My daughter asks the 4 yr old....

"What do you want to be when you grow up?"

his reply.......

"A teenager"

after we all got done laughing, we asked him why he said a teenager.

"Cause I can have a phone when I'm a teenager"

Oh to see the simplicity of the world as a 4 yr old.... LOL

Do you have any funny stories you want to share?

Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Fetch

Soo....here is my post with all of the crafts I forgot to post.  I made a separate post so I hopefully don't bore everyone to tears with novel size posts.......I can get kind of "wordy".

So, without further ado....

More button bracelets:
Ebony and Ivory
Merlot and Chardonnay
Citrus Surprise

The Wine one is in a box because I gave it to a friend of mine who was hosting a wine tasting at her home.  I thought it would be perfect.

I also had the same friend ask me if I had any owls made up that would be suitable for a baby shower for a little boy.  I DID have one, but it was more of a neutral green, so I decided to make one for her out of denim with green accents.  I thought it would be more boyish.  I always take pictures of them, but forgot.....she was gracious enough to send me one with her camera phone before she gifted it, so here is the little owl I made him:
He was about 9 or 10 inches tall.....all sewn on pieces so he would be safe for a wee one!

Alright, I think I am caught up now.  TGIF everyone!

Guess what I did????

I cleaned up my hideous closet/craft room!!  Not even 3 hours after I posted pictures for all the world to see, my husband asked me if I knew it was a mess!  HAHAHAHA!  Umm, really?  He said, "I think I've been good, and haven't said anything about it for at least a week!"  Yes, dear.....you've been good....and now, so have I!

Here is the transformation:
see all of my fabric folded and actually in the cabinet instead of in a bag on the floor?  And my ribbons are on their new spikes (I saw the idea in blogland, and for the life of me, can't remember where...feel free to tell me who so I can give proper credit if you know)
 I think they look right out of a magazine, but I have to admit.....to make them look that good, I had to tape e ends to keep them all from unwinding on me, but I picked up the spikes for 8 cents a piece at home depot.  I bought 10, so for 80 cents......voila!

and my floor is vacuumed and I have a new trash sack all ready to go.  Still have part of my yarn stash in the box beneath there......is there EVER enough room?  in a word.....NO!

So....I also added labels to all of my posts.  I figured that was the feature I like most on other blogs, so I should have it on my own.  You would think I would have just started out with it, but being somewhat blonde.....I wasn't sure how, until I tinkered around yesterday.  Soooo......check out my labels! LOL

It also made me realize that some stuff I thought I had posted wasn't in here.....so my next post I will show the other crafts I completed but never logged on here.  TGIF everyone!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I have a confession!

As shocking as this is to everyone who knows me......

boy, this is hard.....

I am NOT perfect!

(my 4 yr old took this LOVELY shot)

Phew....there!  I said it!

I am messy, lazy, and have jumbled thoughts all the time!  When I get stressed, I tend to sort of shut down.  If I ignore it, it goes away, right?  LOL  I can keep the entire house clean, but when it comes to my craft area....fogeddaboutit!!

Want to see what I am talking about?

How scary is that floor????  YIKES!  Bag of fabric not yet put away....box of hair accessories with the lid on the floor....my garbage sack FULL and not thrown in the garbage.  And that counter!!!  yowza!!! I am a disgrace!  My husband built me this little craft area in our closet because he KNOWS what I am like.  This way, the only person who sees it and knows my dirty little secret is him.  Well, and I guess now all of you!

Phew, I feel better getting that off my chest.  Maybe Wednesdays will become "Confession Wednesday's" for me.  You know.....a way to stay real in blogland.  I see so many perfect blogs, and perfect craft rooms......and I feel shameful of my bloggy mess! LOL  If I can help just ONE blogger feel better about themselves, then I am doing good, right?

(another pic from my 4 yr old....this one a wee bit better, but still with no makeup!  LOL)

So, anyone have anything they want to get off their chest today?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hoo Are You Tuesday....

Here we go again.....I am participating in Night Owl crafting's Hoo are you Tuesday to let everyone know a little more about myself.  It's good clean fun.  If you want to participate, just follow this link here and tell a little about yourself as well!


Here are this weeks questions!
1. Have you ever broke a bone or anything on your body?
Not a bone, per se.....but I did crack open my head and require many stitches while my mom was out of town and I was on my Dad's watch.  Just in case you don't know......clothes lines DO NOT hold people.....just clothes! LOL

2. What is your favorite drink?
COFFEE.....dealing with 3 demanding kids every morning makes coffee my best friend!!

3. When is your birthday! You don't have to tell the year you were born!
August 2nd.....coming up soon!  as for birthstones...I think mine rivals Nov as ugliest....LOL

4. Do you have an allergies?
I think I may be allergic to bull@#$*..... but I don't know how you test for it! LOL

5. What is one of your all time favorite movies?
Steel Magnolias is my all time fave!  There is nothing better in a movie than one that makes me cry only to be followed directly with laughter.  I think laughter through tears is my favorite thing! 
So, now you all know a little more about weird little me! LOL!