Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I have a confession!

As shocking as this is to everyone who knows me......

boy, this is hard.....

I am NOT perfect!

(my 4 yr old took this LOVELY shot)

Phew....there!  I said it!

I am messy, lazy, and have jumbled thoughts all the time!  When I get stressed, I tend to sort of shut down.  If I ignore it, it goes away, right?  LOL  I can keep the entire house clean, but when it comes to my craft area....fogeddaboutit!!

Want to see what I am talking about?

How scary is that floor????  YIKES!  Bag of fabric not yet put of hair accessories with the lid on the garbage sack FULL and not thrown in the garbage.  And that counter!!!  yowza!!! I am a disgrace!  My husband built me this little craft area in our closet because he KNOWS what I am like.  This way, the only person who sees it and knows my dirty little secret is him.  Well, and I guess now all of you!

Phew, I feel better getting that off my chest.  Maybe Wednesdays will become "Confession Wednesday's" for me.  You know.....a way to stay real in blogland.  I see so many perfect blogs, and perfect craft rooms......and I feel shameful of my bloggy mess! LOL  If I can help just ONE blogger feel better about themselves, then I am doing good, right?

(another pic from my 4 yr old....this one a wee bit better, but still with no makeup!  LOL)

So, anyone have anything they want to get off their chest today?


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