Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Baby comfy and bandana shirts oh my!

So, I found out that my husbands cousin, whom was expecting her first baby at the beginning of August actually had her water break on Monday, only to deliver a beautiful little girl on Tuesday.  I thought I had more time to be "creative" with the baby gift, but alas.....I did not!

I decided to make a little bay comfy....a small blankey with ribbon tags.  They had registered for everything in yellows and greens since they weren't finding out the sex ahead of time.  So, I had bought a cute fleece in those colors.  Since I knew it was a girl, I decided to dress it up in pink a wee bit.  I put a hot pink jersey material for the back side, so it will be super cuddly.  It was my first time making one, so hopefully it turned out okay.

Here it is:
Also,  After making myself a bandana shirt, my daughter decided she HAD to have one.  We picked out some pretty purple bandanas and I got started.  My little fashion diva told me she didn't want regular tank top straps, cause that is soooo boring!  She wanted them to tie around her neck.....so, this is what I came up with.  It looks super cute on her!

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