Friday, July 23, 2010

Guess what I did????

I cleaned up my hideous closet/craft room!!  Not even 3 hours after I posted pictures for all the world to see, my husband asked me if I knew it was a mess!  HAHAHAHA!  Umm, really?  He said, "I think I've been good, and haven't said anything about it for at least a week!"  Yes,'ve been good....and now, so have I!

Here is the transformation:
see all of my fabric folded and actually in the cabinet instead of in a bag on the floor?  And my ribbons are on their new spikes (I saw the idea in blogland, and for the life of me, can't remember where...feel free to tell me who so I can give proper credit if you know)
 I think they look right out of a magazine, but I have to make them look that good, I had to tape e ends to keep them all from unwinding on me, but I picked up the spikes for 8 cents a piece at home depot.  I bought 10, so for 80 cents......voila!

and my floor is vacuumed and I have a new trash sack all ready to go.  Still have part of my yarn stash in the box beneath there EVER enough room?  in a word.....NO!

So....I also added labels to all of my posts.  I figured that was the feature I like most on other blogs, so I should have it on my own.  You would think I would have just started out with it, but being somewhat blonde.....I wasn't sure how, until I tinkered around yesterday.  Soooo......check out my labels! LOL

It also made me realize that some stuff I thought I had posted wasn't in my next post I will show the other crafts I completed but never logged on here.  TGIF everyone!!!

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