Saturday, May 22, 2010

Did a little shopping...

and found a GREAT drapery material remnant that was 1/4 yard, and super cute....for 88 CENTS!!!!!  YAY!  I love bargains.  I also bought a couple of fabric singles because Hancock had them on sale for .99 cents!  Can't wait to do something with them.....

I also hit the dollar section at Target.....a lot of the stuff was 75% off, so I got these cute tin buckets for .25 cents a piece.
 AND....had to make a trip to dollar tree, to see if they had anything.  They had these cute bags.  They are somewhat flimsy, but I thought I could use some plastic canvas, covered with a neutral fabric, and stiffen them up a bit, and embellish them with fabric flowers for cute purses! to craft!  happy Weekend everyone! :)


  1. Great finds!!!! (Did my message on the last post go through? I'll have to keep checking back.)

  2. I didn't see another comment, but am so glad you stopped by! :) I am still learning the ropes of this blogging stuff! LOL