Saturday, June 13, 2009

Past Projects

So, I decided to put a few pictures in here of past crochet projects I have completed. Most of them have come about because I saw a picture of something, and was too cheap (ie: had no money) to pay for the item or a pattern, so I just worked at it, until I was happy with the finished project.

Looking back on some of these, I wish I had written it down as I went....but I think I can figure it out again, if I were to choose so.

Making a Lion out of my little Lambie:

I crocheted this hat with 3 strands of yarn in a loop stitch, and gave it ear flaps that button together under the chin to give a "mane" look. I also crocheted little cuffs to wear around the wrist.
here is a close up of the mane:

"Fur" dice:
I had a friend who had sold his regular car, and was driving an old jalopy that had been given to him for use until he replaced his car. He had a hula girl on the dash, and said the only thing more he wanted while driving the beast was fur dice to hang from the rear view mirror. Here his present is before I gave them to him:

Baby Blanket:

I made this for a friends little baby....made with a puff stitch and ruffled edge.

Beaded Headband with crocheted flower clips:
My daughters friend was having a birthday party, and I made a bunch of hair accessories for her, this included.

numerous other projects, but I don't want to bore anyone.


  1. I get the honour of being the first commenter on your blog! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging.

    Your lion's mane is very creative - what a great idea! And good luck with your new shop :)

  2. Oh I love the dice,OH LION Is toooo cute :)

    Great Job :)